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US Social Security Advocates - Fighting For The Disability and Medicare Benefits Necessary to Maintain Your Desired Quality of Life..


The Advocates at USSSA have decades of experience concerning the processing of social security disability claims and the pursuit of social security disability and medicare benefits. USSSA provides aggressive representation from the initiation of your claim through the hearing process.


  • We have substantial experience concerning both the administrative and hearing processes at the Social Security Administration. 

  • We have substantial experience concerning the Administration's appellate process.

  • We manage all relevant issues including the interface with the Administration, scheduling matters (including assisting in the scheduling of consultative evaluations with social security physicians), medical report submissions into the ERE system, hearing preparation and the completion of the hearing. 


Our goal is to pursue a favorable decision in your case at the earliest possible point. While it is possible to obtain an on the record decision in some cases, most cases are likely to end at the hearing stage with an Administrative Law Judge issuing a decision concerning the entitlement to benefits. 


At USSSA, we are passionate about pursuing disability benefits for our clients. We understand the complexities of the process. And, we understand that the pursuit must be both meticulous and persistent. With a long history of obtaining favorable decisions at the Administration, our professionals are well equipped to advance the greatest opportunity for success at each stage in the processing of your claim. 

You can trust USSSA to mount a vigorous and aggressive effort to secure the Disability and Medicare benefits that you need and deserve!