US Social Security Advocates.
Dedicated to Fighting for the Social Security Benefits that You Deserve and Need!

Pursuing Your Benefits.


It is almost a certainty that each of us will one day face a disability scenario through aging, injury or illness. When that times comes, there should be no reluctance to seek and obtain the critical social security disability benefits that many of us will need..​


US Social Security Advocates lends its over 25 years of collective experience in pursuing your social security disability benefits. The process can be complicated and challenging. Having an experienced advocate to pursue your benefits can be extremely important. USSSA is here to assist you from your initial filing through the various stages of the process, including hearings, if necessary. 

Our Services.

USSSA provides comprehensive and aggressive representation concerning the pursuit of your social security disability benefits:


  • Initial Filing

  • Reconsideration

  • ERE Filings

  • Hearings

  • Appeals (When Advisable)

  • Other Services - (Including advice related to SS Retirement Benefits